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Zen’s Cafe

Zen’s Cafe is an excellent restaurant that dishes out good vibes and tasty eats.  Located on Neville Street in Downtown Beckley, this delectable dining option is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.  Its close proximity to downtown businesses, the WVU Tech campus, as well as the interstate make it a popular place to stop in for lunch/dinner, meet up with friends for a drink, watch the game, or grab a quick latte to up your caffeine intake.

I had wanted to checkout Zen’s Cafe ever since they opened and the local buzz was telling me that I was missing out.  I stopped by for lunch not long ago and I was certainly not disappointed.  I was more than pleased with my delicious sandwich, and the fries were outstanding.  I actually didn’t even mind that my picky toddler refused to eat her grilled cheese (per her usual stubbornness, as she never eats when we’re out) because I took it home and happily ate it later.  It was yummy too.  And unfortunately at the time of my visit I was unaware that they are apparently one of the best places in Beckley when it comes to coffee, lattes, and other caffeinated beverages.  So I certainly intend to go back (probably repeatedly).

The ambiance is impressive too.  The decor is very nicely done and gives off a very posh yet welcoming atmosphere.  I was very pleased to see local art hanging on the walls as well.  The bar downstairs is also inviting and honestly looks like a really fun place to hang out.  I might have to return for yet another kind of beverage…  For my readers who are interested in the pub scene, I will add that they serve craft beers from local breweries in addition to their extensive regular selection.

So if you haven’t already, you may want to stop in and checkout Zen’s Cafe.  You might just find your new favorite restaurant, bar, and happy place.  Be sure to check out their upcoming events as well.