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“A Sign of God”

Picture of Jesus on a wallIt’s not often that I bring up religion unless the topic is invited, as I respect that everyone has their own beliefs.  However, this image truly speaks to me, and I can’t help but to say a little something about it…

In the middle of a city, on the crumbling wall of an old building, is this portrait of Jesus.  Upon seeing it the first time I initially thought how strange it was and wondered about the placement of such an image.   I still have no idea why it’s there and I don’t think I care to know.  – Because whether it’s intentional or not, for me, the symbolism is perfect in so many ways.

Life can be hard sometimes.  We can feel as though we’ve hit a brick wall; that things are desolate, maybe even in ruin.  However, I believe (and have found first hand) that God will always be there to help with the journey.  I could go on, but in an effort to not sound too “preachy” I will simply close by saying this:  I wish you a wonderful day and a soul at peace.