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collageThe holidays are upon us.  Actually, they’re here; which means that many folks have gotten whisked away in the Christmas and holiday spirit, while others struggle with their inner Grinch.  I have to say that I’m a pretty big fan of Christmas time, although admittedly I do find it a bit stressful.  (Let’s face it, “adulting” is just hard sometimes.)  For those saying, “Bah-humbug,” I will concede that this holiday has been twisted, commercialized beyond recognition, and has unfortunately lost its true meaning to many.  However, what matters most is what it means to you.

This time of year brings about a great deal of decorations, presents, over spending and over eating – all of which can be nice indulgences.  Although what I enjoy most is the time spent with family and participating in traditions.  I have a lot of family and a great deal of traditions:  I think it’s neat to go to the same Christmas tree farm every year to cut down our own tree.  I enjoy the annual cookie baking marathon with my friends.  Christmas movies are always better when watched with family/friends.  It absolutely warms my heart when I read The Story of Christmas to my daughter while she plays with her Nativity.  And I love how excited she gets to leave Santa cookies and milk after we read The Night Before Christmas.  The reason I like these (and our many other) traditions is that they involve a bond with loved ones.  The activities are just fun ways of spending time together.  Much like gifts, the experiences are outward signs of love – for me, they are also much more meaningful.

So my hope for you this beautiful holiday season is that you are able to enjoy it with your loved ones.  (And yes; I hope Santa treats you well too.)  I wish you a happy heart and a joyful spirit.  Also, please share the love – now and all year long.  Remember those less fortunate, as well as those who find the holidays difficult for various reasons.  The magic and miracle of Christmas isn’t just for one day; keep it in your heart always.

Merry Christmas!!!

Happy Holidays!


Happy New Year!