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Sarah’s on Central

Sarah's on Central signOrdinarily I feature local WV restaurants for my Tasty Eats posts, but this time I found a super delicious place while traveling that I just had to share with you. And since I have readers from all over, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start branching out to other locations when possible.

At any rate, I found this little gem in Eureka, MO (not terribly far from St. Louis). I came across it during an impromptu visit with family. Central Avenue in Eureka is home to many tasty restaurants, some nifty shops and boutiques, a happening Irish pub, a stellar liquor and cigar shop (that has a great selection of wine, might I add), as well as other various businesses. And one of those tasty restaurants I mentioned is Sarah’s on Central, or also known as, Sarah’s Cake Shop. – They had me at “cake” so of course I had to pay them a visit.

All I have to say is: yummy!! I walked in and was immediately smitten with the place. The interior gives a very welcoming vibe in a posh, but cozy way. And the display cases full of goodies will have your mouth watering in about two seconds. As it turns out, this little slice of heaven is an awesome place to grab lunch as well. They boast quite a delicious menu in addition to all of the sweet treats they have to offer.

If I were to be gluttonously honest, I wanted to try one of everything, but I didn’t suppose that would be a good idea… To be sure, it’s probably a good thing for my wallet and waistline that I don’t live close to this place (haha). Of the treats that I did try, my absolute favorite was the Glitter Bite ®. They were all quite good, but that one was beyond yummy. I highly recommend trying one (or more) of those!

So if you find yourself anywhere close to Eureka, MO, I encourage you to check out Sarah’s on Central. (Or they also have a St. Louis location as well.) It’s the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and top it off with something delicious for dessert. Also, if you have a special occasion coming up (or maybe a random Tuesday that you feel should be extraordinary), they offer superior custom cakes, cupcakes, desserts and wedding cakes that are almost too pretty to eat… almost.

PS: They also have a Sarah’s Cake Stop-Food Truck!