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Spring Cleaning

toy alien

Random 1 inch alien found in my closet… (?) Haha!

For weeks now I have been waging a full-fledged spring cleaning war upon my house.  So far the battles have been gruesome, but rest assured, I remain victorious.  I must say that Goodwill is reaping the spoils, and it’s very likely that my neighbors think I’m moving.

It all started when I left town for a visit with my family in the Midwest.  Seizing the opportunity while he had an empty house, my husband decided to start another renovation project…  (There’s a comical background story or two about that, but I won’t get in to it right now.)  Part of this project required him to take out everything in our master bedroom walk-in closet.  The poor man had no idea what he was getting into.  – To be fair, I tried to warn him; and in my defense that’s the only place I had to store stuff.

I started getting these hilarious texts from him about his on-going closet emptying mêlée.  His wonder and exasperation at the sheer volume of stuff I had crammed into such a small space quite evident in his sarcastic messages.  The last two texts he sent in the string had me laughing so hard I nearly cried.  One of which he proposed that the closet mayhem might be contributed to the little green guy you see here.  And yes; he was found in the closet.  The other text came some time later after hours of toil and head trauma from things falling on him.  It read: “I think you may be a hoarder!”  Yep – that one still has me laughing!!

Here’s the thing, I actually de-junk my house at least once a year.  And I’ve wanted to systematically go through each room with a little more scrutiny for awhile now, but just hadn’t gotten around to it.  Well, when I returned home to find the contents of my closet strewn about and overpowering my living room, I figured now was a good time to start.  And start I did.  No closet, drawer, cabinet, desk, file cabinet, or bookcase has been left unturned.  Which is basically what I did: I took everything out and only put back what I planned on keeping.  You name it, I went through it.

The staggering amount of bags and items I sent off to friends, Goodwill, recycle, trash, as well as a nice collection for an upcoming garage sale is rather impressive.  The only space left for me to go through is my husband’s closet – or what I call his closet because it’s consumed by all of HIS junk.  However, I’m waiting for him to help since I don’t want to toss anything he might rather keep.  And of course I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to give him a hard time about all the useless stuff he’s keeping (hehe).

Otherwise, my whole house is now ORGANIZED.  I quite literally went through everything I own.  To my family and friends who thought I was a neat freak before, look out…  No seriously, next time you visit, I’m going to show off how everything in my kitchen cabinets are placed just so, how my filing cabinet doesn’t have any unnecessary documents jamming it up, and how every single thing in my house now has a “home” in which it belongs.  And holy cow does it feel great!  I never would have dreamed we had so much unneeded stuff clogging up our lives until I went through it piece by piece.  I highly recommend a serious spring cleaning to declutter your home.  Not only will it spruce up your living space, it will also improve your mental wellbeing (no joke; look it up).  That’s right; there’s a scientific reason for my gleefulness so I’m not totally crazy.


Behind the scenes funny fact…

This is an actual text conversation between my mother and me during my spring cleaning frenzy:

Me: Ugh…  I really might be a hoarder lol.

Mom: Not!  You purge too often to qualify.  I have several items to prove it – ‘I-taydat’ (inside joke and slang for “I’ll take that”)

Me: No seriously, I heard your text come through and I couldn’t find my phone because it was buried under all the crap I’m going through lol. – And I already have a pile started for you haha.