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The first time I ever met Keli was several years ago (in 2010 to be exact) at a job interview for a marketing position at an engineering firm – and she was the interviewer. I instantly knew we were kindred spirits. The interview went well, I landed the job, and we have been friends ever since – even four years later after my regional office closed and my position switched to “stay-home-mom” status, or as I like to call Household CEO.

Keli is one of those people that you want to sit and talk with for hours. Not only is she funny, witty, and sweet, she is also brilliant with a side of crazy interesting. We have spent countless hours discussing web design, marketing and PR, software, techie stuff, books, and of course personal matters as well. I’m sure to some of you that sounds ridiculously boring, but get us together “talking shop” and it’s like we’re two teenagers with a bit of juicy gossip.

It has taken me approximately five years to convince Keli to let me feature her on a character post, and she’s finally come around. I have prevailed at last. It’s about time too (haha).  Keep reading and you’ll find out why I think the world needs to know more about her:

In 2013 Keli started her own business called Buckin’ Banjo Designs (named after her two dogs: Buck and Banjo). Her thriving business provides services such as website design, blog design, PR, marketing materials, logo creation, and pretty much anything a company or entrepreneur might need. And she’s awesome at it too. In the past we worked on many various projects together and I can personally vouch for her skills and professionalism. In fact, I frequently refer potential clients to Keli because more often than not, I’m too booked to undertake a web design project (I wear too many hats!) and I know she will take great care of them. When that happens, they later tell me how much they loved her.  In a way we’re still a team. We bounce ideas off one another, share advice or new discoveries, and troubleshoot. More than once have I called Keli up in a panic because I’ve seemingly broken one of my sites, and because she’s brilliant and has so much experience under her belt, she has always been able to help me figure out the issue(s) in no time.

In addition to Buckin’ Banjo Designs, Keli is also a great wordsmith. And her way with words extends well and beyond creating great content for client projects. She has a background in creative writing and in her spare time she writes poetry, music, and maintains a blog called Appalachia Girl where you will find musings of heritage, mountains, and the very essence of Appalachia. If you’re a subscriber to my blog, it’s a pretty good bet that you’ll enjoy hers as well (regardless if you’re a city dweller or not). I encourage you to check it out.

And while you’re visiting Keli’s blog, be sure to click on the Music page, because Keli also sings (pretty well too, in my opinion). Her longtime boyfriend, Lee Stables, is a very talented musician and singer and together they have created the songs featured on her site. (You might also want to check out Lee Stables while you’re web surfing.) For Keli, it’s purely just for fun, but sooner or later I have a feeling someone is going to “discover them” and they will hit it big.

To sum up, I think Keli is pretty awesome. Then again I am biased since we’re good friends. However, if you’re in the market for a new website, PR, or looking for a fun new blog to follow, I really encourage you to check out all that Keli Ratcliffe has to offer – she doesn’t disappoint.