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Eclipse Mania

solar eclipse sequence

Yes I know; another eclipse picture… I hope there’s room enough for just one more on the wonder that is the World Wide Web. I’m a little late in the celebratory picture posts since, well, I haven’t had time, but I also thought it might make for a neat feature in the Random category. So here we have it: the sun and moon kissing at about 90%.

By now this is old news and if you haven’t heard about it, you must live under an incredibly large rock. The nation just underwent a frantic eclipse mania. Everyone was over the moon about this monumental event (pun intended). Of course I joined the party a bit late, per my usual M.O., and found myself scrambling for a solar filter for my camera, eclipse glasses, and even a babysitter. However, many thanks to my hubby’s mom and aunt, I scored glasses and a babysitter. And with a little thinking outside the box, I managed to purchase a small telescope with a solar filter – which I promptly robbed and put on my camera lens (perfect fit too!). Not to mention now we have a cool telescope to play with – all for less than the cost of an overpriced sheet of solar film from which I would have had to make my own filter. Not that it mattered; everyone everywhere was out of everything!

I probably don’t need to tell you that the actual event was spectacular and all the hype was pretty spot-on. I wish I could have accompanied my mom to St. Louis to witness and capture totality with the rest of my family, but alas, “adulting” got in the way and pesky responsibilities kept me home. Even so, I was able to enjoy watching it reach 90% and I’m pretty happy with that. I might not have been in the path of totality, but wow it was still totally awesome! The group of friends and I that gathered to witness this fantastic event were like a bunch of nerdy kids: out in the middle of nowhere, standing in the scorching sun for hours (turns out I should have brought sunscreen; go figure), and getting all giddy with every increased movement of the moon. We were so excited, and probably more than a bit comical.

America will get to see another solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. I think I might make plans to see totality next time! I figure I have seven years to prepare for that one – I’d better start soon haha.


Behind the scenes fun fact:

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