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110 Marshall

painting of a sunflowerMany years ago I once had some artistic talent about me, which of course was improved upon by several art courses and lots of practice.  Then one day I picked up a camera and suddenly photography was my new preferred medium – which subsequently led me to stop picking up my pencils and paint brushes.  It’s not to say that I don’t still love art, I just lost what modest skills I’d honed after failing to use them over time.  So it’s been quite awhile since I pulled out my sketch book or put some paint to canvas (and painting was never my forte to begin with).

Last month I decided to stir up my dormant creative spirit and attend a painting class taught by none other than one of my former art teachers, Sandy Shaw.  (I had classes taught by Mrs. Shaw in both junior high and college.)  She is of course brilliant as ever, and in her spare time teaches what are essentially painting parties at 110 Marshall.  Such painting parties are all the craze these days, and for good reason: they are a lot of fun.  At this particular venue, 110 Marshall, you are supplied with all of the necessities such as a canvas, easel, apron, paint brushes, paint, and even refreshments.  All you have to bring is yourself and an adult beverage, if you are so inclined (and payment naturally).

I actually went to this event by myself because no one I knew felt they were talented enough to accompany me to a painting class.  I tried to explain that it was guided and very little talent was actually needed.  So in case any of you reading this are interested in such painting parties, but have some trepidation about your lack of skills, let me reiterate…  It’s supposed to be fun and easy.  The instructor walks you through the entire process; there’s really nothing to worry about.  The point is to enjoy yourself and take home a piece of art that you created.  If you are remotely interested, I highly encourage you to forget your inhibitions and check it out.

I can think of at least a handful of places that host such painting parties, but I can personally vouch that I had a great time at 110 Marshall.  I thought the atmosphere was welcoming and relaxed; I very much liked the theme (or example that we were all painting); and the refreshments were scrumptious.  And while Mrs. Shaw isn’t the only instructor to offer painting classes at 110 Marshall, I will say that as a former pupil I am a bit biased, and think she’s rather awesome.

So whether you are already a talented artist or have never painted in your life, it’s a pretty good bet that you’ll have a blast.  Check out 110 Marshall on Facebook to see upcoming painting parties (and other fun art events).  I just might see you there…

Venue: 110 Marshall

Address: 110 Marshall Avenue, Beckley, WV 25801

Phone: 304-634-8367

Facebook Page: click here


Behind the scenes funny fact:

My sunflower (yes, that’s supposed to be a sunflower) didn’t actually look quite like this when I walked out of the painting party.  (It was what I would consider a rough draft.)  I actually worked on it some more after I got home.  – Okay, I practically repainted the whole thing.  I realize it’s mostly about fun, but pride simply wouldn’t let me use it in a post for the whole wide world to see without trying to fix it up a bit.  And it looks better in person – somewhat.  Haha!