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Merry & Bright

Christmas Card 2017I’d like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

I hope the joy of this holiday lasts you all year. I hope that you remember to be giving to those in need – no matter the season. I hope that you have an abundance of blessings, and that you count them often. I hope that you are able to spend more quality time with your loved ones. I hope that you are able to slow down and enjoy each day you are given on this earth. I hope that the wishes you hold in your heart come true.

May you find peace; may you experience joy; and may you give and receive love. Be kind to others, and don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Make 2018 a year full of happy memories, love, kindness, gratitude, and yes… goals too. Life is much too short. Please make it a point to go live yours to the fullest.



Behind the scenes funny fact:

You may have noticed my daughter’s disgruntled face on our Christmas card (bottom right). This is the expression I usually get from both her and my hubby every year. They apparently have not yet learned that all I need is one good picture and the more they smile, the sooner it will be over with. (It’s not as though I’m photographing an entire session or anything.) However, I think this one is my favorite. It makes me laugh every time!