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Roma Pizza

For this Tasty Eats post I decided to pay a visit to Roma Pizza – a long time favorite from when I used to work near downtown Beckley.  Roma Pizza has been around for quite some time (seven years under this particular ownership).  About a year ago they relocated to Main Street in Beckley and their new place is very inviting.  However, no worries if you don’t have time to sit down and eat, they still deliver!  In fact, they deliver quite a bit.  I walked in as soon as they opened and someone was already on the phone taking orders.  It also didn’t take long before customers started rolling in for an early lunch.  It’s clearly a popular place and it’s easy to see why.

Roma Pizza boasts that they have the best pizzas and Philly cheese steaks in town, and quite honestly, I don’t dispute that.  Their food is by far some of the tastiest I’ve ever had.  I could probably eat my way through the entire menu, but today I decided on the always delicious, steak wrap.  Next time I go back I plan to try the gyro.  I understand it’s an authentic Greek gyro and it supposed to be outstanding.  Or maybe I might go for pizza… or if I simply can’t make up my mind, I can have a gyro pizza… (Yes; they make those.)  There are just too many yummy choices!  Truly, they have an extensive (and scrumptious) menu.  In addition to the typical, yet terrific, menu items, Roma Pizza also offers some dishes that are a refreshing “East meets West” style that you won’t find many other places.

Now that I have piqued the attention of your taste buds, I’ll mention a few ways you can enjoy the Roma Pizza cuisine yourself.  If you get a chance, dining in is always a great way to experience a restaurant.  It’s a cozy space, complete with a fireplace, and I have to say their staff is phenomenal.  If you’re intimidated by the parking scenario in downtown, you should know that after 4 PM parking is free at metered spaces and is permitted in neighboring lots.  (It’s also a good way to brush up on your parallel parking skills hehe.) However, I realize life is hectic, and so do they. Which is why Roma Pizza has made it as easy as pie (pun intended) for you to grab your next meal in a hurry and as conveniently as possible.  They are widely known for their delivery service (particularly among the local businesses).  You can order by phone, fax, app, and online.  They are on Grub Hub as well.  Roma Pizza also caters, so if you have an event, corporate meeting, or a church function coming up, you might want to take note.  Regardless of how you go about placing your order, I definitely encourage you to try Roma Pizza.  I dare say you’ll be going back for more.

Roma Pizza Info:

Phone: 304-254-9700

Fax: 304-252-9700

Online Menu & Ordering: click here

Save/Print Menu (to stash in your desk drawer or on your desktop): click here


Behind the Scenes Funny Fact:

You might have noticed that I failed to take a picture of my food.  I admit that I actually forgot!  I was too engrossed in my lunch that I didn’t even think about it until after I’d scarfed the whole thing down haha.  Oops.  Believe me though, it was yummy!