Business & PR


Looking for an inexpensive and easy way to promote your business?  Living Out of Focus offers a highly visible sponsor area located above the fold.  You can opt to have your logo or ad displayed in the sponsorship carousel, or showcased alone as a Featured Sponsor.  For more information, pricing, and traffic range statistics, please contact me.


Post Feature

I love promoting local businesses in our area.  If you would like for me to post a feature or review about your business, restaurant, shop, play, etc. feel free to send me a suggestion.  However, please know that my opinions are my own and not in any way swayed by monetary means or otherwise.  I will not give an unwarranted positive review or post.


Commercial Photography

In addition to portraiture and fine art images, I can also take stellar pictures of, and for, your business.  I can provide you with professional and fully edited images for your publications, website, PR materials, or walls.  Whether you are in business for yourself or work for a large corporation, it is important to present images that compliment the quality of your brand.


Wall Art

Do you have a new business that has bare walls, or perhaps you need a fresh look in your existing space?  I offer a 50% discount on volume orders of Fine Art prints and wholesale prices for framing.  Please contact me for details.  (Volume orders are defined as no less than seven prints, sizes 11×14 or greater.  Prints do not have to be of the same image and you are able to pick from any of my portfolios.)


Have Camera; Will Travel

Perhaps you would you like to promote an out of town venue, conference, corporate event, a new office in Paris, a particular destination, or rave about a cruise experience.  If so, I’m your gal.  Contact me with details; I’ll get the suitcase and camera gear ready.


Guest Blogging

If you have a blog and would like me to write and/or photograph for a guest post, please give me a shout and we can hash out some details.


Website/Blog Design & Marketing Services 

In addition to my many other hats, I also offer website design to small businesses or individuals, as well as branding and marketing services.  Packages can include a simple design or the whole kit and caboodle with content and images to boot.  I can design marketing materials and logos as well. Contact me for pricing and details.