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“Every time I read your blog, I wish I lived in WV so I could experience some of the wonderful places you feature.” ~ Madaliene from MO

“Wow Rachel,
You’re the best! Thanks for the plug, adding my web link – and of course for your very kind words. This is awesome. Your blog looks great, I love the “look”, your photos are awesome.” ~ Vince from PA

“…It was a PRIVILEGE to be a part of this camp (The Royal Family Kids Camp) and I am looking forward to being there next year. Thank you for such a touching article. Thank you for attending and help us cheer the children on as they arrived. ” ~ Aurora from WV

“Thank you for your story about Royal Family and Will and Katherine Lawrence! You did an amazing job and hopefully more people will get involved and make an impact on these children’s lives!” ~ Amber from WV

“Excellent article. I wish I could write like that. …Your page is neat and interesting. Thanks again for the wonderful story. ” ~ Guy from WV

“I always read your postings, which I enjoy, and view your great photos.” ~ Susan from WV

“Love your pics and stories. Keep ’em coming!!” ~ Amanda from IL